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    Bring on the snark!

    Bring on the snark!

    Homeschool style! My new favorite homeschool-themed social media thing is The Homeschool Snark Shark, found on Facebook and Twitter. Because really:   (Honestly, if you’re asking me “What about socialization,” you either don’t know what you mean by that or you don’t know my kids. Think about what you mean by socialization. Now think about […]

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    Today, oh bliss, both my brain boyfriends put out new videos. Andrew, my snark guy, is his usual brilliantly hilarious self explaining extreme moderation. Then, Bill, my rational argument guy, puts out this beauty on wealth creation.. Gah.  It is a thing of beauty. And he combines his beautiful logic with sweet sarcasm at the […]

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    A world gone mad

    Anne points to a sad view of justice in our times. What do we value and why? Certainly not other people. See also this from Iowahawk. It’s getting harder to believe that the British ever conquered anything. “Guests of a wild west-themed costume party got a scare when a posse of armed police officers stormed […]

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    Bring on the snark

    I love snarky and sarcastic. I especially love sarcasm when it is used to make a point and not just show off. (Not that I have ever used a particularly clever jibe to show off. No, not me. Never.) Ahem. Anyway, three great snarks communicating important issues– This very interesting piece on Christians and culture […]

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