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Today, oh bliss, both my brain boyfriends put out new videos.

Andrew, my snark guy, is his usual brilliantly hilarious self explaining extreme moderation.

Then, Bill, my rational argument guy, puts out this beauty on wealth creation.

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Gah.  It is a thing of beauty. And he combines his beautiful logic with sweet sarcasm at the end. Sigh.

I don’t even care that today was laundry day.

ht: Instapundit. Always with the good stuff.

5 responses to “Yowza!”

  1. Suanna Avatar

    I loved the Andrew Klavan video.

  2. April Avatar

    Klavan is great. My two favorite:

    Shut up and Night of the Living Government

  3. Man of the West Avatar
    Man of the West

    Hmmm. Came here following Dan Phillips' link. Looks good. I've added you to my blogroll and to my Google Reader list.

    Thanks for writing!

  4. April Avatar

    Glad you're here! Query: is that the Tolkien's West or the Wild West?

  5. Man of the West Avatar
    Man of the West

    Well, it was intended to evoke Tolkien, but really, by "man of the West," I mean, "product of Western Civilization."

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