About Me

Hi! I’m April. This is the part of the blog where I give you my credentials so you can decide what weight to give my words.

I don’t have any credentials. I do have experiences. I have a perspective. And God knows I have opinions. But I’m not really an expert at anything. I hope you’ll weigh my words on their own merit and engage with me as a rational human, like yourself, who has something to share and much to learn.

But, for your information and so you’ll have an idea where I’m coming from, I am a Christian, a wife, a mom who has homeschooled her children since 2005. I like to read. I like to write. I love stories in all their forms. I’m something of an Elephant’s Child, full of insatiable curiosities. Does that give you an idea of who I am?

I could tell you my political outlook, my religious labels, my cultural background, my professional career, my educational philosophy. Does that tell you who I am?

(If it helps: conservatarian/classically liberal, protestant/reformedish Christian, West Texan/all-American mutt, pro-life activist/proofreader/social media manager, Charlotte Mason/Classical.)

So that’s who I am. Partially. A bit. Eh, it’s a start. 

Key for the nicknames I use, because my family didn’t ask to be publicized.

My Tech Geek or MTG: My wonderful husband is wicked smart when it comes to all things computer, and more importantly loves God and his family. 

Little Miss: My firstborn has never met a stranger. She’s the typical eldest, making sure we all follow the rules and helpfully inventing rules where none exist. She’s full of sunshine and a definite people person. Don’t know how two introverts pulled that off.

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Bulldozer: So nicknamed because he used to crash into everything in a full-sensory exploration of the world as a tot. Thankfully, there’s far less crashing these days. He looks at the world from a thoroughly different perspective, and it rocks my world every day.

Satchmo: The last caboose to our family train. Satchmo was nicknamed for his penchant for scat-like growlies when he was non-verbal. He doesn’t do that anymore. He’s our very literal, very concrete rule follower. He keeps us all honest and in-line, a role every family needs.

Non-human members of the family:

Jack, the basset mix, spoiled and smelly. I love him.

Hermione, the calico cat and queen bee. We live to serve.

Wish, the fluff feline who can only be described as a weirdo. 

If you delve into the back catalog, you’ll also find Keaggy and Herb, two amazing cats that we were honored to be owned by for quite a few years.

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