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A world gone mad

Anne points to a sad view of justice in our times. What do we value and why? Certainly not other people. See also this from Iowahawk.

It’s getting harder to believe that the British ever conquered anything.

“Guests of a wild west-themed costume party got a scare when a posse of armed police officers stormed into the hootenanny thinking toy guns carried by partygoers were real, several British media outlets reported.”

Three police cars and a helicopter. For toy guns. Because, although the homeowner called and told the police about the party beforehand, they have to “treat all reports of firearms as genuine.” This must drive the cops crazy. Reactionary pansies. Whether you use a pill or cream, there are chances that body will react with the formula. learningworksca.org levitra 20 mg Fertility treatment for women: Ovulation disorders: Woman having ovulation disorders cialis properien http://www.learningworksca.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Robust_05B_web.pdf will be prescribed with the fertility drugs like metformin, clomifene, human menopausal gonadotropin and bromocriptine to regulate the ovulation. Meanwhile, side effects from viagra you can ask your doctor about appropriate dosage. An erection occurs when blood vessels in the body; particularly around the genital area. cialis prices continue reading description Probably peed in their pantaloons, too. (ht: Reason’s Brickbrack)

Also, nobody knows the infinite monkey theory anymore, so that’s what it is. Stop freaking out.

Will somebody please tell me the approved method of criticizing the government now? The new rules appear to be: Dissent is no longer patriotic. We are not allowed to laugh at our elected officials. And unless we act RIGHT NOW, without thinking, without reason and without debate, we are all doomed! This is no fun at all.

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