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    Precious fight

    Precious fight

    Radiolab, if you aren’t familiar, “is a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.”  Which, when translated, means a fascinating radio program that focuses mainly on scientific topics and how they relate to and affect people. It also translates science into language that non-scientists can […]

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    Terrible Tuesday: Houseguest Edition

    MTG’s  parent’s are coming to visit today.  Am I ready? No. Will I be?…….. Links! If you don’t read any further or click on any of the links, you must watch the loveliest flash-mob, ever. Hey look, you’re still here. I have a gift for you:  a free Redbox movie rental code! Of course, free […]

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    Vomit is distracting

    Both my boys have been sick this week. They think the best way to inform me of said sickness is to come into my room and vomit on my bed. Or, as 3 year old Satchmo said, “I burped.” I have a post about social conservatives and small government banging around in my head (making […]

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    Words, Words, Words!

    First, a public service announcement. If you do not currently listen to Radiolab, you are missing one of the best audio programs in existence. This is what they say about themselves: Radiolab believes your ears are a portal to another world. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. […]

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    Tuesday, the most neglected day

    It’s not Monday, yuck Monday. It’s not humpday. It’s not Thursday, YAY Friday’s almost here. It’s not TGIF. It’s not the hip, happening weekend. It’s just sad, pathetic Tuesday. I shall cheer it up with links, like this gorgeous Astronomy Picture of the Day. And this wonderful post by Ali. If you’re looking for people […]

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