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Tuesday, the most neglected day

It’s not Monday, yuck Monday.

It’s not humpday.

It’s not Thursday, YAY Friday’s almost here.

It’s not TGIF.

It’s not the hip, happening weekend.

It’s just sad, pathetic Tuesday.

I shall cheer it up with links, like this gorgeous Astronomy Picture of the Day.

And this wonderful post by Ali. If you’re looking for people to pray for, here are a few.

Via The Corner, there’s this informative chart on potential winners and losers in government run health care. (I think they overstate the wins and understate the loses.) Take this “loss” for uninsured: “You could be required to buy insurance or pay a penalty. Any assistance the government offers may be too small to make coverage affordable.” That will hit some of my family members square in the face. They are uninsured, which means they pay for all their health care in cash. (And pay less, not because of the goodness of doctors, but because they are paying actual market costs without all the extra costs associated with massive bureaucracies.) They can’t afford health insurance, but they can afford to pay for their health care. So, ObamaCare orders them to buy insurance or pay a penalty. Even with government “help”, they can’t afford insurance. So they are fined. Which means less money to pay for health care. Another case of those frightening words, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.

Is this a sign of the end of our civilization? A woman makes 45 threatening prank calls to her grandmother. Dieting ought http://djpaulkom.tv/balls-thighs-and-bae-cooking-with-the-kom-for-super-bowl-sunday/ viagra price to be avoided. It can be extremely confidence-curbing for a man to get recharged, which is caused as an effect of sildenafil bulk . Continuous consumption of tadalafil 40mg the capsules turn your life around for the better today. Men are mostly obsessed with order cialis online djpaulkom.tv the size of their reproductive organ when it comes to sexual intercourse. Most frightening/telling sentence: “She said she knew it was wrong but not illegal.” (via Hot Air)

Okay, those last two were ugly. This one’s cool, a public radio program called Radio Lab. It’s very interesting. The idea is to take a concept and explore it in a variety of different ways. It’s like This American Life with science. I wish I hadn’t looked at the hosts pictures though. It’s messed up the image in my head.

Speaking of Science, in the waiting room at Little Miss’s physical therapy yesterday, I found a copy of Scientific American among the piles of People and Us and Look at Me, I’m Better Than You. Woo-hoo, score! Like an idiot, I showed the Bulldozer this cool picture. And he stole my magazine, saying, “I read this book, you read this one.” Not cool, little guy. But at least it wasn’t People.

Lastly, there’s this funny, via Challies. And also, don’t be that guy.

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