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Terrible Tuesday: That’s a lot of straws

I’m not saying the camel has a broken back. I’m just saying that’s a lot of straws.

The end is nigh links!

I wished for a Khan Academy for sewing on Twitter, and *poof* a friend pointed me to Craftsy. I know what I want for Christmas!

New degrees challenge “time-served” model. I don’t know what this looks like in practice, but it certainly is a positive step.

Hey, mom, what do you think about this for Thanksgiving aprons?

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Kid friendly Minecraft Youtube channels.

Homeschooling high schooling people: Making homeschool economics fast and easy. I like the idea of using the Great Courses classes. I used one lecture from the Western Literature series for the Iliad. I’ll have to explore other options.

Speaking of homeschooled high schoolers, a friend and senior in (homeschool) high school has a blog about Texas State Parks. Her family has a goal to camp at all the parks, and she’s reviewing them. I’m very envious of their trailer.

Games nerds play. Bless our hearts.

only gameGonna go burn some of these straws.

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