What kind of homeschooler I’m not

Whilst perusing the Carnival of Homeschooling (check it out!), I came across this quote by Christine about the various methods of home education at the wonderfully named blog, Welcome to my brain.

I don’t subscribe to any of the homeschooling labels. First of all, there’s just too friggin’ many! It’s like picking feminine hygiene products. Do you want light days or heavy flow? A multi-pack box or something that will fit in your purse? Plastic applicator or no applicator? Ahhhhhh! Someone just tell me what to do!!!

So, it’s not just me and I feel better. I get a little tense when anyone asks what approach we use. “Well, a little of this and a little of that. I really like the Classical model and Charlotte Mason is great and also find some Montessori philosophy intriguing. One major benefit to buying online is the best and levitra viagra wisest choice. For some men, they wholesale viagra 100mg experience shorter and, sometimes, less satisfying orgasms. When the thyroid gland dysfunctions, a wide range of issues like infertility, dry cialis wholesale india skin, loss of libido is also termed as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). There is also the availability of the product in tablet and gel buy generic cialis forms. But really, we don’t follow any one plan. Why? Do have something interesting for me to try?” I’m a homeschooling mutt! So it’s nice to know someone else feels put off by the labels, too.

Christine also has some great tips on embracing some of the spirit of unschooling. Even if you’re not, you know, one of those homeschoolers. (I kid! I kid! I love you guys, you’re great!)

Among the other gems, these great tips on the easily distracted child. I’m looking at you, Little Miss!

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