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Terrible Tuesday: I want my summer!

Summer started and then we got really busy and, well, this doesn’t feel like summer to me.

I-demand-my-lazy-days links!

First, a slew of heroes.

The last of the original Navajo code-talkers has died. The Navajo code arguably turned the tide of the war in the Pacific, as the Japanese were able to break every code we had. But they never broke the Navajo code. Chester Nez was in the first group of 29 Navajo who developed and implemented the code. He was recruited as a sophomore. A high school sophomore.

Jon Meis, the young man who stopped the shooter at Seattle Pacific University, is a remarkable person.

The 70th anniversary of D-day was last Friday, and if there is any question about why we won, it’s because we had men like this and this fighting for us. God bless them.

Cheetahs have the same sense of humor as my nine-year-old.
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cheetah joke

Listen, dog people, I love dogs, I really do. And they are wonderful beasties, and my very own Jack is the best beastie of the species. But I also like cats. And I don’t like cats in spite of the fact they aren’t like dogs. I like them because they aren’t like dogs. So dog people (and anti-cat people in general) here are 6 things you can stop telling cat people. It’s a Cracked link, so standard language and decency warnings apply.

6 subtle things highly productive people do every day. Except they aren’t subtle things. They’re deliberate and well-thought out, even if they seem relatively small in the grand scheme of things. Seriously, Business Insider, get a dictionary.

Boys. SMH. Quite possibly the best letter from overnight camp, ever.

A brief (modern) history of ice.

Sweet story, beautiful music.

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