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Let’s use our thinking caps, people!

First there was the petition to ban Dihydrogen monoxide. AKA H2O. AKA water.

To be fair, the petition gather used “the vocabulary and tone of environmental hysteria” (Penn Jillette’s own words.)

But then there was the petition to repeal the Bill of Rights. In this case, the guy was pretty clear about his intent, no subterfuge.

And finally, the most disturbing video yet: a bill to legalize “4th-trimester abortions” AKA, newborns. And while he didn’t say, “Let’s legalize killing kids up to 3 months old!”, he didn’t exactly hide it either.

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I have to chalk this up to knee-jerk reaction to buzzwords. While there are those (Peter Singer, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva, Planned Parenthood, President Obama) who actually do think it’s permissible to kill newborns, I’m going to go out on a limb and say the average Joe or Jane, even the average college student would recoil at killing an infant. Hopefully.

I think what this really shows (other than a callous regard for life, liberty, and rational thought) is that too often we have an emotional or even tribal reaction that has nothing to do with thinking or reasoning. Obama supporters hear “Help President Obama” and are willingly sign up for anything. Abortion supporters hear “legalize abortion whatever” and sign on the dotted line. A friend passes on a story that hits all the right emotional bells and confirms what you already believe, so you share it on Facebook.

But lest we think this is a new problem, 800 years ago, Thomas Aquinas said, “Most men seems to live according to sense rather than reason.”

Be honest, what person, cause or catch phrase have you or would you sign a petition for without further investigation or thought?


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