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    Real funny, God.

    The human body is a marvel and thanks to Science! and technology (“Technology!”?), we are becoming aware of how much more marvelous it is than we had ever imagined. The complexity of the design truly is awe inspiring. Mathematician Alexander Tsiaras recently gave a TED Talk presenting human life from conception to birth. It is […]

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    An Infant’s Nightmare, UPDATED

    The following is by Raimundo Rojas, National Right to Life director of Hispanic Outreach, posted with his permission. (Thanks, Rai!) (UPDATED and edited to comply with Dr. Greene’s copyright, for the full article on infants and dreams, see his website. ) It’s 3:30 AM. I was woken up about an hour ago by my grandson […]

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    My Little Man

    My oldest son is three. He is sweet and precocious and not for nothing called The Bulldozer on this blog. But for all his rambunctiousness, he loves to be cuddled and kissed. He will come and place his cheek in my hand for a few seconds before running off to play. We have been concerned […]

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