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My Little Man

My oldest son is three. He is sweet and precocious and not for nothing called The Bulldozer on this blog. But for all his rambunctiousness, he loves to be cuddled and kissed. He will come and place his cheek in my hand for a few seconds before running off to play.

We have been concerned that he may be delayed in his speech, so we had an initial evaluation with our school district’s early education department. That got him a longer, more in-depth evaluation scheduled for this Friday. They also are concerned with his cognitive development, so he’ll have that testing, too.

Cognitive development.

In so many ways, he’s just a typical little boys. He loves cars and trucks and motorcyles and trains. He likes to play in the dirt and swing and ride his trike. Like lots of little boys, he’s not as verbose as girls. I know little boys can develop verbal skills later, so I have been alert but not too concerned about his speech.

But there is this nagging question: is something else wrong? There’s no one instance I can point to, no “one thing” that says “This is a problem.” There is just this persistent, tugging whisper: is there something wrong? Is he not listening, or not understanding? Is he unable or unwilling. When he gets upset, he breaks down and cannot communicate. Step up your physical activity lowest viagra price As couples get older and the indications they face will differ based on biological modifications. Depending on the type of interferon beta used, they differ in their dose, route (intramuscular/subcutaneous) and cialis professional no prescription frequency of administration. In the 1980s medical science became aware of a third, basic communication viagra prices canada system, the peptide ligand-receptor system, in which a network involving the neuronal, the hormonal, the gastrointestinal and the immune system communicate with one another, and even shop for necessities. Being a nervous system stimulant, Asian ginseng could have adverse reaction, including insomnia and nervousness. sildenafil 50mg price Not won’t, can’t. The line between fine and frustrated keeps getting thinner. The warning signs that we need to intervene are shorter. His anger and exasperation turning to violent outburst. Yesterday, there was an “incident” in church where he slapped a boy over a toy he wanted. Which sounds pretty typical, but somehow it isn’t. Between the mortification and consternation, there is the fear. What is wrong with my boy?

He’s a young three, so maybe that’s it. Maybe he just needs time seasoned with peanut butter, sunshine and reading time in mommy and daddy’s lap. He’s just growing at his own speed. But maybe it’s not, maybe it’s more.

2 responses to “My Little Man”

  1. Renae Avatar

    I will be thinking of you and praying your fears do not materialize. It must be scary, but even if something is wrong “time seasoned with peanut butter, sunshine, and reading time” will make a huge difference for both of you. 🙂

    May the Lord grant you wisdom and peace as you love your little boy.

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks Renae, I appreciate your prayers. It’s the nagging uncertainty that’s the problem. Hopefully we’ll know more soon.

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