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The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at the Daily Planet. (Is it just me, or does it seem like definite articles are overdone in that sentence?)

I’m tired. The kids are still sick. Again. Some more. So I’m not reading all the entries tonight. But this article by Rational Jenn is definitely worth reading. She writes:
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“If we advocate for tax credits — beneficial as that money would be, as much of a right to that money as we have — we will essentially be inviting the federal government to notice us. To define us. To monitor us. To calculate us. To nickel and dime us. To determine us. This is an invitation that we cannot rescind. It’s a way into our lives — a door, if you will. And once it is opened, it will never be closed — not by us and certainly not by them. It will only open wider and wider and our freedom will shrink ever smaller. And we will have invited this.”

This applies to all sorts of issues: charities, hobbies, business and certainly education. Just say “No, thank you” to the feds.

2 responses to “What she said”

  1. Rational Jenn Avatar
    Rational Jenn

    Thanks for linking to me! Obviously, this is something I feel strongly about and I think that well-intentioned people, politicians included, are going to push for this more and more in the future, since more families are opting to homeschool. I don’t want to see our freedom disappear. I’m not thrilled about having to fill out paperwork for my state, but I know I’d really hate to do it for the feds, or know my state was sending it on to the feds! And the residents of the states that have no regs have the most to lose.

    Thanks again!

  2. April Avatar

    You think we’d learn by now: nothing is truly free. You surrender your time, your anonymity and your autonomy every time you except a “benefit.”

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