New year, new me, blah blah blah.


I’m not resolving this year. Not because there aren’t things that I shouldn’t start doing or stop doing or do better or whatever, but because frankly I don’t need the pressure.

I thought about it. I asked myself, “Self, where do you want to be a year from now?” And Self said, “Ideally, taking a nap.” Not exactly what I had in mind.

So I looked at my Seinfeld calendar to see if that could give me ideas. Great Blog Project? Day 306, thank you very much. Garden? It’s January. Ask again in March. Exercise? I jumped back in after a holiday break, but I’m doing okay on that. But none of these speak to me as resolutions. There’s nothing really there, except to just keep plugging away.

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Of course, there are things in my life I want to do better. Actually, that’s not exactly the right way to phrase it.  I want to be continually getting better at everything I do. How silly would it be to say, “In 12 months time, I want to be a worse mother/housekeeper/writer/juggler.” But I have no big goals this year. No “run a 5K” or “write the great American novel” or what have you. At this time next year, I hope to be wiser, more godly, more skilled, and generally more of who God has created me to be than I am right now. I hope to come out of the furnace of 2014 more refined, with less dross. Did that happen in 2013? I’ll give it a tentative yes.

No, I am where I am, doing my best every day, seeking advice and counsel where I can. I hope to be faithful and courageous in the path before me.  It’s a prayer more than a resolution; a daily dying to myself more than a self-improvement goal.

Do you have any resolutions for 2014? How did you do with your resolutions for 2013?

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