Thoughts on the road ahead

I’m still thinking on our education for the next go round. Which, given the way our schedule has gone is right at the tail end of this go round. You heard me, no break. Well, a little break. I’m doing my danged-est to give a complete break in August and hoping July will be fairly light. But it’s entirely possible that one year will mesh right into the next.

Actually, I think year round “school” makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons, but it’s just hard for my public-school-must-take-summer-off wired brain to accept. And I do need something of a break, if only so I have the opportunity to miss it. (One of the best t-shirts ever: “How can I miss you if you won’t go away?”)

We’re also going to start occupational therapy with Little Miss to correct the toe walking and for some other sensory issues. Our wonderful therapist is moving mountains to get us a couple of slots in the afternoon. Hopefully, her therapy needs won’t be long term. Also, hopefully, the occupational therapy will be sufficient and we won’t have to add physical therapy. But we will if we have to. But I don’t want to. (That wasn’t whining, it was just emphatically declaring my desire.)

All our therapy needs mandate flexibility and discipline. I think we’ve gotten better with the flexibility aspect, but the discipline part needs work–on all our parts. Even Satchmo, the two year old. (Especially Satchmo?)

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Anyway, unschooling. I’m beginning to think we should be working toward unschooling. That is moving toward more independent learning and reinforcing at every opportunity the exploration and fascination in learning. Allowing the girls more freedom and responsibility to choose what educational bunny trail to pursue. I don’t actually know what that will look like for us, but that’s another aspect to explore in our planning and prep.

So, there’s that.

I also need to get more focused with the Bulldozer’s therapies. Which means, specifically I need to spend a lot more one-on-one time with him. Which means the girls need to be more self-reliant. (Which kinda ties into the whole “toward unschooling” thing.) Right now, Little Miss is overly dependent on me. She is very much a people person and learns by interacting with others. Most of the time, all I need to do is ask her the same question she just asked me and she’s good. She is also very easily distracted and our open floor plan sometimes adds her frustration level. So we’re trying different things to help with that. I struggle with that line between helping her find her best learning methods and aiding and abetting her distractability.

Renae has a great post on the futility of trying to reach “Homeschool Utopia.” Oh, heavens, am I guilty of that. If we can just find the right schedule, the right organizational tool, the right curriculum, (the right mom,) then we will achieve that blissful place of diligent cheerful children, clean and orderly home, and peaceful and prepared mom.


(Having said all that, what does it say about me that I’m excited about the workbox method she mentions? Homeschool moms: always a sucker for a new organizational scheme.)

So that’s where we are and where we may be going. I say may because you never can tell where the journey will take you.

2 responses to “Thoughts on the road ahead”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Sounds like fun. We keep moving toward and then away from independent learning for my daughter. At first she loved it and had almost everything done early in the morning. But that faded and now she seems to prefer to work alongside the rest of us as we do our stuff at the table.

  2. April Avatar

    We do the same thing. Sometimes I feel like a pull-me-push-you. But the goal is for her to be a strong independent learner by the time she leaves the nest. Line upon line and all that.

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