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Terrible Tuesday: triple play

Today is one of those Tuesdays where we have therapy, orchestra, and then a game. Normally, it’s busy but doable, but today MTG is doing worky things, so I’m flying solo. I have to have Sprite to the ball field 45 minutes from Little Miss’s orchestra 30 minutes before I need to pick up the cellist. This is going to take some maneuvering.

Ignoring the laws of physics links!

Mike Rowe offers good advice applicable to dating, job hunting and life in general.

More good advice, in this case to graduates from an economist, but applicable to so much more. For example: Many things that are desirable are not feasible. It is desirable to be at two different places at the same time. It is not feasible.

It’s International Dark Sky Week. Do your part and check your outdoor lighting. And use your son’s air rifle to shoot out your neighbor’s glaring security light. Kidding! Mostly. (Seriously, though. I think he got it from Cowboys Stadium. The thing is massive. The light and the stadium.)

10 ways to lose friends and irritate people. In case you were trying.

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A beautiful love story, couple married 70 years die hours apart.

7 Gluten free baking mistakes. Some of these apply to regular baking as well.

A tutorial on the science behind wine and food pairing.

Fair warning: this will freak you out. Snake eats centipede alive. Centipede returns the favor.  And then you scroll down for more horror. *Shudder*

Palette cleanser! Brave dog protects his home from the daily invader.

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