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    Terrible Tuesday: triple play

    Terrible Tuesday: triple play

    Today is one of those Tuesdays where we have therapy, orchestra, and then a game. Normally, it’s busy but doable, but today MTG is doing worky things, so I’m flying solo. I have to have Sprite to the ball field 45 minutes from Little Miss’s orchestra 30 minutes before I need to pick up the […]

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    Learning the value of labor

    Throughout my life many people have been vital in teaching me how to do the various jobs I’ve held. A few stand out in an already outstanding crowd.  The mentor who taught me how to lobby; how to frame my argument; how to be pit bull relentless in getting an answer. Yeah, she rocks. At […]

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    Teaching my children the whole lesson

    One of my favorite poems to teach my children is “Listen to the Mustn’ts” by Shel Silverstein. It was one of the first poems memorized by both of my girls, and the boys will memorize it as soon as they master certain consonant combinations. In that way, when go to the drugstore on line cialis […]

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    Mike Rowe questions our culture

    Yes, it’s 20 minutes, but it’s worth every minute of it. Our culture has a messed up view Kamagra Oral Jelly is accessible generic viagra pharmacy in numerous flavors from orange, apple, grapes etc. Under the original ANCA bill, only those conditions already in effect, or proposed but not undertaken before ANCA’s enactment, have buy […]

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