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Terrible Tuesday: Spring Cleaning

Day two of spring cleaning continues apace. Today we conquer the front garden beds and try to repair the some of the damage from our plumbing conundrum last week. Fortunately, it’s a nice day for it.

Shiny clean and organized links!

Spaced-Out Challenge Messier Guide, Part 2.

Beautiful: Reaching my autistic son through Disney.

Woohoo! Getty offers bloggers and others the bulk of its images for free!

Charlie bit my finger, the reckoning:

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The bittersweet story behind the children’s book I’ll Love You Forever.

Why you want a veterinarian on your team in a zombie apocalypse. I did not know we were supposed to have a team. I’m very behind in my zombie apocalypse preparations.

You know how the “all-natural” chicken breasts are Dolly Partonesque? Ever think why that might be? (And what it might mean for humans.)

5 rules for reading.

Via Twenty Two Words, another victim of Daylight Saving Time.

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