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Terrible Tuesday: Rain rain rain

Texas is in the middle of a prolonged drought, so all the rain is very welcome. Except when you leave your windows rolled down while going to the grocery store and come out to a downpour. That’s unfortunate.

Soggy links!

I have a dream. A backyard dream! Now I just need money, time, and labor to make my dream a reality.

Spaced-Out Challenge: a celestial treasure hunt! Lots (and lots) of pretty stuff.

Debunked: rice is not the best drying agent for a doused cellphone. Silica is, so go buy some shoes!

Via @JusticeWillet, the best Supreme Court Justice on Twitter. One instance where the lack of an Oxford comma improves the sentence.

super comma

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Let kids play in nature. See! I just said this a week and a half ago. Go pick the wildflowers, kids!

I got almost every word in this “how well do you know English” poem except terpsichore and melpomene. Since those words are technically Greek, I’m calling it a victory,

Cool math trick. Try it at parties! Well, maybe not.



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