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Terrible Tuesday: April off the rails

Both the month and the person. One minute, we’re trucking along at a decent pace, the next I’m standing in the midst of chaos. Schedules, plans, lofty goals? All laying around looking punch drunk.

Really, April?

Dust yourself off links!

“You’re Still Here?”: A Brief History of the Post-Movie Credits Sequence.

Bees are getting poisoned and beekeepers are not pleased. This does not bode well for food prices and availability this year.

I want to do all of these to our backyard. Or rather, I want someone to do them for me. Any takers?
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stargazing loft

Even if you don’t have a groovy sky watching loft, you can check out Mars from your backyard.

Worst nutrition advice in history? Kinda makes you wonder what current health trends are wrong, huh?

I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. (Cracked link. Standard language and decency warnings apply.)

Is this how morning people are made? Baby wakes up dancing.

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