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Terrible Tuesday: 600 days!

Today is my 600th day of consecutive blogging. It’s not really an anniversary; it’s just a nice looking number. Very round. 600. Six hundred. DC. Well, that ruined it.

Arbitrary goals links!

Combining exercise and art. Major kudos to this guy who drew a bicycle on a map by riding 212 miles in a day.

Christmas is coming! Show the parents of the kids in your life some love by not overstuffing them. And if you’re the parents, show yourself some love. The Ultimate List of 100 Non-Toy Gift Ideas.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s original first page of The Lord of the Rings from 1937. I love his handwriting.

LOTR first page

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10 clues you might be a homeschool dad. Yep to all of these, except the snake thing. No snakes!

Happiness is a big pile of leaves and a puppy dog.


Onward to the next random mark on the chain! 666 here I come!

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