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Stand for Life

Today the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee will take up Senate Bill 1.  Pro-lifers in blue and abortion advocates in orange will inundate the capital, making their voices heard. Hopefully, we’ll have more Amazing Grace and less Hail Satan.

I can’t be in Austin, but I’ll be wearing blue, a Doctor Who shirt actually, in honor of this wonderful quote, “You know that in nine hundred years of time and space and I’ve never met anybody who wasn’t important before.”  Even though they are voiceless and powerless, these tiny fellow members of the human family have value. They are important.


A couple of facts on the bill.  First, it will make abortion clinics comply with the same standards for ambulatory surgical centers, like LASIK surgery centers and the facilities that perform colonoscopies. This seems to me extremely pro-woman, especially considering the horrors for women and children we’ve just seen come from Philadelphia and that are unfolding in Houston. More information about that here:  Wendy’s Wasted Voice: Why Fighting the Texas Abortion Bill Was Not Pro-Woman.

The other thing the bill would do would be to ban abortion on children who are 20 weeks and older, the point when science indicates that these children feel pain.  At 20 weeks, I had sonograms for each of my children letting us know we were having a girl, a girl, a boy, a boy. Many Americans have pasted these baby pictures on the fridge and tried to suss out whether he has mom’s nose or dad’s forehead. At just a few weeks past this point, premature babies are routinely saved, and in coming years, these little ones will also probably be able to survive outside their mother’s womb. Viability is a function of medical technology, not of some inherent quality in the child, and is always changing.

However, we do know a great deal about the unborn child. We know that at 8 weeks, all her organs are present and her tiny fingerprints begin to form. We know that at 17 weeks, she can dream, and at 20 weeks she recognizes her mother’s voice. And we know a great deal about her nervous system, including her ability to feel pain.

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Today and over the following days and weeks, I hope you join me and thousands of other pro-lifers as we stand for life. Texans, call your Senators. For the rest of you, use the hashtag #Stand4Life on Twitter or Facebook in your support of the unborn. We have a historic opportunity to protect unborn children, we must not let it pass us by.

Read more about this important bill:

Cassy Fiano, mother of a child with Down Syndrome pushes back against the “fear” that we won’t be able to abort disabled babies.

The Deputy Headmistress has a good roundup and analysis.


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