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Opinions on Syria

As the less offensive saying goes, opinions are like armpits. Everyone has two and they usually stink.

Today at the Washington Times Community Pages, I write about the world’s most exclusive fraternity: past presidents and their opinions or lack thereof.

It is my opinion that President Bush the elder has the best socks.
It is my opinion that President Bush The Elder has the best socks.

The historian I interviewed, Doug Wead, wrote an interesting blog post on the situation. It’s hard to look back and realize we did very little to counter the horrors of Pol Pot, or more recently horrors in Rwanda and the Sudan.

I don’t want America to be the world’s policeman. I think it’s neither wise nor ultimately helpful, but my heart breaks for the innocent who suffer at the hands of monsters. I think at heart the conundrum America has is that we are a people of action. When there’s a problem, we act to fix it. We form committees, launch fundraisers, pass laws; we do something. I’m just not sure doing something ultimately helps here.

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“I want Congress to authorize something I don’t believe they need to authorize, and which I reserve the right to do anyway whether or not they authorize it, in order that I might defend the credibility of a red line I didn’t actually draw, so that I may take decisive action that will not in any way affect the momentum of the Syrian civil war or, if it accidentally does, al-Qaeda will the stronger for it, in order that I might have a chance to do what I have spent a decade yelling about other people doing.”

Jonah Goldberg smacks down the stupidity of calling people who oppose a Syrian strike isolationists: “An isolationist is someone who doesn’t want to bomb foreigners when I do.”

In the same vein, can we knock off the “Chickenhawk” talk, too? Can we engage ideas and positions and facts rather than in name calling? What are we, nine?

As for me, I don’t see how the “limited strikes” that are being discussed do much good, and the more extensive campaign that McCain and others advocate frankly scares me. I don’t want to get into another war in the messy Middle East. What does a win in that situation even look like?

So that’s my opinion, be sure to read about presidential opinions at The Washington Times Community Pages.

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