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Odds and ends

We had craft mania this morning. A friend and her daughter came over and we did 5 crafts in three hours, some with the bulldozer (who adds a measure of drama to any activity.) Mostly we did the very easy, put together for you Oriental Trading Company crafts. We also made cinnamon applesauce ornament. I love the smell of cinnamon, but dealing with it that close really gets you. I think the cinnamon particles have embedded themselves in my nasal membranes.

The Carnival of homeschooling was two days ago at Dewey’s Treehouse. Mama Squirrel has a great “guess the quotation” game woven in. She’s creative and industrious. We’re dad less this week, so I haven’t had time to go through all of the entries, but Rebecca at Little Homeschool on the Praire has some wise words on The Homeschool Mystique. There is a tendency to think of homeschooling as some sort of mutant spider bite or cosmic ray that turns your child into a superhero rather than an educational methodology (or way of life, or deeply held conviction. You get the drift.)

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Also, Sherry at Semicolon has a fun “Guess the Christmas Movie” quote game up. I got all but #8. It’s driving me crazy! (Well, crazier.)

4 responses to “Odds and ends”

  1. Renae Avatar

    The crafting sounds great. My girls would make crafts all day if I kept them supplied.

    And please do tell. I am one who nominated you for best new homeschool blog. Have you been blogging longer than your archives indicate?

    Peace to you,

  2. April Avatar

    Renae, Thank you for nominating me! That was very kind. I don’t know why I find it odd. I fit the criteria, time-wise. It just strikes me as odd. But perhaps the overwhelming aroma of cinnamon has addled my brain. I think I’ll move the ornaments to the garage while they dry.

  3. Dana Avatar

    Odd, very odd. : ) But I nominated you, too. So there. Now I can’t decide whether to vote for the person I nominated or the person who offered me chocolate chip cookies. Hard choice.

    And the whole thing is a lot more fun if you don’t take it too seriously.

  4. April Avatar

    Man, you guys are the best. Chocolate chip cookies, eh? How about virtual pie. My virtual pecan pie rocks. (My real pecan’s pretty tasty too.) Again, I don’t know why I find it odd to be nominated, I just do.

    All the options are overwhelming. I could’ve spent hours checking out all the entries. So I just picked those I already new and were on my bloglines. I’ve been trying to pare down my daily blog reads because life is just too busy. So you ladies make the cut! 😉

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