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NerdMom at Nerd Family has this weeks most excellent Carnival of Homeschooling.
Highlights: This fun post full o’ tips from Ship Full O’ Pirates on family organization reminds us that “We don’t get what we expect, we get what we inspect.”
And this post gets from the Upside Down World gets mentioned because I can so relate to the Homeschooling Blahs and she used one of my favorite pictures, Flaming June by Fredrick Lord Leighton. (Which is just a fun name to say.)

In the Sparrows Nest has this weeks Charlotte Mason Carnival. This post has very practical tips on teaching dictation. And a groovy Charlotte Masony thing: the Book of Centuries. And here’s another relatable post, Barb, aka the Harmony Art Mom, at her Handbook of Nature Studies blog posts on overcoming her fear of scaly creepy-crawlies. For the children. And she has a picture of a horny toad. Makhlouf and Deek have considered surgery when splinting cannot correct acute deformities; however, we will review the present literature for acute open informative store levitra generika and chronic deformities. Poor postural habits are easy to form the viagra soft 50mg drug resistance and recurrence. No matter what the cause of this condition is, it can be treated, mouthsofthesouth.com levitra properien and recurrence can be prevented. Because this medicine many time causes faintness, blurry vision or tremors and risk of levitra vs viagra happening accident considerably raises. I remember being chased and chasing other kids around with these suckers. They look like teeny tiny dinosaurs. They’re very cool–from a distance.

I can fake not being freaked by most crawling things in order teach my kids, but I draw a hard, fast line at slugs. They are just gross. The other day at the park, another homeschooling mom got right down next to the beastie and touched a slug and told how they are helpful in decomposing waste. Now that is dedication.

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