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My unknown need

“Banquet Still Life” Abraham van Beyeren


This past weekend, I went to the Great Homeschool Convention in Ft. Worth. Well, I bounced back and forth between the convention and my crazy schedule.

I was ambivalent about going, but there were a couple of speakers who piqued my interest, and I needed to order our next math books. When a friend from my D.C. days said she was going, I decided to register because, “Hey, why not.” Little did I know when I signed up that February was going to try to beat me to death, and I almost decided to skip it.

I’m excessively glad I didn’t, even if I did log an extra 200 miles of driving in three days. In city traffic.

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I’m still processing a lot of what I learned and was reminded of what I had forgotten, so I’ll probably be blogging some of those thoughts over the next few days and weeks. One thing I’m not going to do is institute sweeping changes and new programs on Monday that will finally “Make our homeschool perfect!” But I am going to slow down and pay attention. I’m going to behold and help my children behold as well.

It wasn’t programs or procedures or methods that captured my imagination, but the heart of what education is and what its purpose is. I do think I gained some wise counsel on the practical, but primarily, my heart, mind, and soul were redirected to the purpose of glorifying God in the education of my children. Andrew Kern (who you’ll see me quote quite a bit as I process these thoughts) said, “Most of what is done in our culture is based on anxiety and doubt,” and “If you align with Christ, you will flourish.”  The conviction of that first statement and the hope of the second is bringing me to repentance and praise as I digest this feast, a feast I didn’t even know I needed.

But God did.

(If you have a chance to attend one of the other three Great Homeschool Conventions, go and stalk the Christian Classical Education people. They have so much wisdom from which to glean.)

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