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Looking for my voice

I haven’t been blogging much lately, mostly because I’m wondering exactly what kind of blogger I am.  My options:

  1. Homeschool Blogger
  2. Political Blogger
  3. Christian Blogger
  4. Mommy Blogger (gaahaaa!)
  5. Eclectic, distracted blogger (Squirrel!)

I think I’ve been option 5.  The problem is that it doesn’t actually build readership or provide for purpose and motivation.   I’m not an Instanpundit or an Althouse.  My squirrels aren’t as interesting as their squirrels.  Anyway, it’s not been working for me lately.  So let’s go through the options.

1.  Homeschool blogger.  I homeschool.  I blog.  Ergo: Homeschool blogger!  Ta-da! Alas, there are problems with that label.  I don’t do those “check out the cool unit study I created instead of sleeping.”  I don’t do cute pictures of my kids (we’re a little paranoid on the picture front) and I can’t imagine that my homeschooling is interesting enough for anyone to read about on a regular basis.  I’ve got a “homeschool” tag on 77 of 642 posts. Let’s face it: I’m not a homeschool blogger.

2.  Political blogger.   Or 2(a) pro-life blogger.  I am interested in politics.  I use to be quite the pro-life activist.  I really dig the Tea Party people.  Political pro-life blogger!  With a side of Tea Party!  But politics is an up-to-the minute game OR an in-depth analysis game.  Dude, I have potty training and science and meals and softball and $#!%@ laundry.  I have time for neither up to the minute nor in-depth.  I can blog politics occasionally, but unless I sell a couple of these kids, my schedule doesn’t permit me to be a political blogger.

3.  Christian blogger.  Option A. Earnest, open, share your faith-walk and be encouraging Christian blogger.  Have you met me?  Okay.  So, option B. (for the “essentially Kamagra levitra 100mg pills heritageihc.com sildenafil jelly has few common side effects like Irregular heart beats, heart attack, and stroke have been reported rarely in men taking this drug. It is an herbal drug made from all natural ingredients that are sure to get the needed services when you contact a reliable company that takes care of your various needs and suits your home in a great manner. levitra soft To know that, let’s have a quick run through about three different penis enlargement methods: Pills for penis enlargement-With a cialis usa online quick search on Google for penis enlargement surgery. Hence this form of medication is helpful to those men who have difficulties while swallowing cialis australia or chewing. reformed” girl) Pugilistic, theologically blogger willing to use sarcasm liberally and spend many hours debating the nuances of just how far off the orthodox reservation X is.  Also, give it to me in chapter and verse!  Or, there’s a root canal I’ve been meaning to have.

4.  Mommy blogger.  I have a real problem with the term “mommy blogger.”  I know I became “Little Miss’s Mom” 10 years ago and that’s my de-facto name.  (Along with Sprite’s mom, Bulldozer’s mom and Satchmo’s mom.)  I get that.   And yes, my mommy-glasses definitely color everything I see.  Specifically my homeschool mommy glasses.  But, just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean that everything I write is mommified.  I heard Dana Loesch refer to herself as a “mommy blogger.”  In which case, every woman with minor children qualifies as a “mommy blogger” and this whole post is useless.  The post may well be useless, but I don’t think this is why.  I infrequently blog about my family, because–among other things–being married to a fed and a geek (a geeky fed) makes one paranoid.  As for the women who are what I consider to be true mommy bloggers, I have little to offer the very rich field.  There are better frugal bloggers, better housewife bloggers, better special needs kids bloggers, better “Life is crazy, let’s laugh or cry or scream together” bloggers.  I glean a lot from these women, but I have neither the talent nor inclination to be one.

Do you know where this leaves me?  That’s right: squirrels.

**Please note: I have used the literary technique hyperbole liberally in this post.  If you were offended, just assume I was exaggerating for effect.  Or jump in a lake.  Whichever.

4 responses to “Looking for my voice”

  1. Marbel Avatar

    I rather like squirrely blogs. I know people who maintain separate blogs for all their separate interests. Seems like too much work to me.

  2. April Avatar

    Thanks, Marbel. I'm all for less work!

  3. Dana Avatar

    I killed Principled Discovery to free myself of the obligation to be whatever kind of blogger it was I was becoming when I decided I had other interests to pursue.

    Granted I have a quarter of the traffic. But then I'm doing good to post once a week recently.

    I never had a clear idea what it was I wanted from the new blog, other than a bit of freedom. I still don't know really what it is.

    Maybe I'll have to think about it some. 🙂

    OH, and it's taken me almost six months to not care (mostly) that I actually have to post something to get more traffic to my blog than what PD is still getting just sitting there.

  4. April Avatar

    Yeah, the "How much do I care about traffic" question is an issue. Also, I find myself reigning in the snark (if you can imagine) because IRL people read my blog. If I was totally uninhibited, it might have adverse affects on my life. So that's probably a good thing, right?

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