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Links and laughs

The Carnival of Homeschooling No. 109 was posted yesterday at Life on the Road. I started to pick out my favorites, but wasn’t even halfway through and I had 8 posts, so I ditched that idea. This, You can look out for kamagra viagra without prescription online. Rather, it deals with all types of diseases and allied distortions in the bio processes in the body. uk levitra Low testosterone level can affect a man’s desire to have sex and his ability to stay erect. buy viagra online donssite.com also known as Tadalafil, does not differ from brand-name viagra. Now, getting such products has become easier in few years There are many other benefits that are attached with the medicine and they are to be learnt cialis in india price effectively. however, this is an excellent post on the natural consequences of liberty at Sometimes I’m Actually Coherent.

And just for giggles:

4 responses to “Links and laughs”

  1. Carrie Avatar

    What a great way to perpetuate sexism and let men off the hook.

  2. April Avatar

    Okay. Can’t tell if you’re joking of not, sis. If you aren’t, I’m befuddled by your reaction, but okay. If you are, emoticons, kid. Help a girl out.

  3. Carrie Avatar

    Nope, its not a joke.
    What I hear from this guy is the same thing I hear, and believe to be a big o’ lie i.e. women = emotionally driven, irrational actors. Men= organized, rational thinkers that are emotionally inept.

    I know that this is not true in my relationship. However, I do know that I can find tons of examples of these stereotypes. I believe this is more to do with nurture than with nature. I believe woman possess the ability to be rational actors, I know tons of them…you included. I also believe that when women are told that their identity is to be a multi-tasker and to be lead by their emotions, they can (SOMETIMES) end up multi-tasking and lead by their emotions.

    Does this make sense? Mainly I know that it doesn’t fit what I have observed and that it reinforces gender differences that are played off as sex differences.

    I miss school:(

  4. April Avatar

    Okay, I got something different. 1st, I think he was making the (accurate in my view) comment that men and women process information differently. I know it to be true that emotion helps you remember things, but I do think he was wrong in saying men don’t care. They just care about different things. (For example, most men care about more sports statistics, therefore they are more likely to remember sports statistics. That isn’t a function of gender–the ability to remember numbers, just the areas of interest. Men and women who are passionate about the political process are probably more likely to remember whom beat who by what margin when.)

    I also think that saying that men and women process information differently (compartmentalized vs. interconnected) means one method is logical and one is not. The presence or absence of emotion, likewise, doesn’t signal doesn’t mean that someone’s thinking is logical. Unemotional decisions can be as illogical as emotional ones.

    I think there is a factor here that is unspoken: we subconsciously think we do things the right way and people who do them differently are wrong. I think if we say it, we realize the fallacy, but the default position is “My way is right.” So men inherently think their way of thinking is the right (or at least better) way and women think their way of thinking is the right or better way. Even if you overcome that bias (Okay, not wrong, just different) there is still the reality that it is foreign to you and therefore to some degree weird or mysterious or whatever.

    What I got from this guy was the last bit, not that women’s thought processes are wrong but definitely foreign. And also, he was trying to be funny and the cardinal rule of funny is exaggeration.

    If it is true that women’s thought processes are different and include emotion to a greater degree than men, isn’t it sexist then to say that we belittle women when we admit it? Doesn’t that say that we must deny or denigrate something about the female mind?

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