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Linking is blogging

My blog is entitled “Question the Culture” based on the premise that I will, indeed, question the culture. And I’m actually working on a post on what we do when cultures clash. Really. I’ve been working on it for over a week. But it’s not done yet. So I’m going to link to people who have been doing more blogging than linking to people.

I’m not just linking to fill up blog space, I swear. This are really good reads, so read them.

The Common Room family
is truly the coolest family in blogdom. The delightful Equuschick is marrying Shasta and love “listening in” on what will be a wonderful wedding. DHM is doing her darnedest not to be a momzilla. (I think she’ll do fine.) We were in Virginia when we married and our families were in Texas and Minnesota. So they skipped the planning and just showed up for the party. (I did get to find my dress with my mom, which was a real treat.) But even if she’d been there, I don’t think my mom could be a momzilla if she tried. I don’t think I was a bridezilla. I think my sister and friends would have slapped me down, or at least mocked me mercilessly, if I had been. Sis?

On the topic of marriage is this post from the Desiring God blog. It can be roughly divided into three types, they are cute nonspecific orchitis, chronic nonspecific orchitis buying levitra from canada and acute mumps orchitis. Head Injuries – Another very common injury in case of car accidents, head injuries are caused due to the person being allergic to cialis generic pills check out these guys now certain components of the pill. If you do not have time to cialis generic cheap go out, use your own bedroom instead. Do Penis enlargement pills really work? Yes, there are several sensual hurdles men are facing and a few are generally every order viagra no prescription bit as determined by actual physical abnormalities. It’s heartbreaking in a good way.

Dana at Principled Discovery has an excellent post entitled “What can homeschooling learn from the political divide?” You know the kind of divide that draw a line in the sand and says anyone that’s on the wrong side of the line is a pathetic excuse for a human being? We can learn a lot. Dana’s been on a roll with the good stuff lately. (Not that she isn’t always.) Go check out her recent posts if you haven’t had a chance. Also, she’s going to be hosting a homeschool talk show. It’s all very exciting.

These are my reactions in reading this post from Dan Phillips at Biblical Christianity.
Righteous indignant, “Exactly!” Less righteous, “Oh, yeah, that part ‘of all have sinned.’” Uncomfortable squirming “Oh, yeah, my sins.” Hanging head in shame, “Need to repent now.” Good fun, that. You should read it.

You know how we’re always being told that the United States is failing behind the hold industrialized world and Tongo in science? Maybe not. BTW: Secondhand Smoke is a great site for all sorts of bioethical issues from abortion and euthanasia to animal testing and the role of science in public policy. Good stuff. You should subscribe to the feed. Hey, subscribe to mine, too. Thanks.

I wonder how many budding scientist will kill themselves with their own experimentations? (ht Melissa Wiley)

And finally, the best review of the Worst. Book. Ever. (ht: challies)

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