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Lazy days of summer

I had planned a low-key, lazy summer. We traveled all winter and spring, driving probably 7,000 miles in 6 months. We are traveled-out and have no plans for any more trips. (Except one very important family thing very close by. But that doesn’t count.) I had hoped for a mellow summer. Perhaps we’ll do a little swimming, finish up math sometime before August, try to grow a garden (emphasis on try), and maybe see a museum or two.

However, since we decided not to use the public school to address the Bulldozer’s developmental and speech delays, we are now doing traveling of a different sort. We got to speech therapy twice a week and occupational therapy once a week. Of course, we couldn’t choose therapists in our city. All told, we’re driving an extra 100 miles a week. So I guess we are traveling this summer.

Even though we aren’t planning on a “summer vacation,” and we’re still doing some book learnin’, I want to do summery things like summer movies. Last week’s Carnival of Homeschooling started with a list of great summer movie programs at theaters.

Okay, I must sidetrack to explain why I didn’t link to last weeks COH, and in fact haven’t even read through the links. See, the COH post started with a quote from my favorite movie, All About Eve. And I said to myself, “Ooh, All About Eve! I haven’t watched that in a while.” Then I scrolled down and started checking out aforementioned summer movie opportunities. That got me in a movie watching mood, so I went to look for my movie. How this kind of activation is done? As per the scientists, the telomerase activation can be effectively and successfully done with the use of TA-65 which noting but a natural ingredient based supplement which leads to the activation of telomeres within your skin cells. order tadalafil online The effects of Eriacta cialis 10 mg are felt as long as my homework was getting done my father took me to Longo’s a couple of nights a week. This cialis no prescription overnight comes in the wake of the raid on Osama bin Laden’s residence and how he met his fate, courtesy of US Navy SEAL bullets to the al Qaeda leader’s brain and chest. Now they don’t need to levitra price afraid of taking pills. *Dramatic Pause* It was missing! I think I remember lending my favorite movie, All About Eve, to someone. I think I’m related by marriage to this someone who lives in Virginia. Ahem. Do you have my movie? Bring it back! If not, nevermind (and sorry!). Maybe I lent it to a friend, also in Virginia. The point is, my movie is somewhere in Virginia. Dang it.

So watching movies is a great way to spend those hot summer days, especially when the movies are cheap. Another great summer tradition is summer reading programs. Tammy at Just Enough and Nothing More has a great list of summer reading programs, including a program that combines reading and movies. It’s not in our area, but still it’s a very summery thing to do. Half-Price books has a program and there is a store not 5 minutes from the Bulldozer’s OT’s office. So we can combine our summer travel and reading programs.

Sprinklers and and lemonade, road trips and movies, gardening and books. Sounds like a perfect summer.

**Postscript for my personal use. Cool links from the missed COH: Dangerous Literature, reading lists galore, cool division tool, and an excellent essay on homeschool sorting.

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