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Last cannonball of summer

Okay. This is it. This is the no-fooling, grab it while it’s hot, last day of summer. Cannonball!


Today we went to the pool for the last day. We’ll laze about reading Harry Potter, and taking our last “light” summer day. (No, we still aren’t finished with history and geography. Yes, we will get finished — even if I have to build a time machine to do it!) And then we close the book on summer.

But even though summer is officially over, we aren’t starting school next week. Next week is the no man’s land between summer and school. It’s the last week of preparation, the week I have to make those final choices that I tend to dither about, the dry-runs of the schedules, the 27 trips to the store for those “last things” I didn’t realize I needed or thought I already had, the reviewing of expectations, requirements, and rules. Oh, and we’ll go to the science museum before all the schools get their field trips going.

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Anyway, no more summer. We’re focused on school and work and new adventures. Oh, what the heck. One last plunge.



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