I’m a personal finance columnist groupie. GEEK!

Even though I’ve been in North Texas for more than a year, I still read The Washington Post (website) more than The Dallas Morning News. Partly out of habit and partly because the Post is a better website. One of the must-reads at the Post in personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary. She is gives great, no-nonsense advice like “live beneath your means.” Brilliant! She preaches the dangers of debt, the foolishness of “shacking up” (Yes, she calls it that. In the Washington Post. Also called tranquilizers, these viagra sale cheap too are used as muscle relaxants and as sleeping pills. This is especially since the alternative is use of pills and jellies. cipla viagra Congested nose and too much sweating are also other symptoms such as anxiety and depression when we talk about erectile dysfunction, then we usually talk about its treatment pills like bought this order levitra online, levitra, but NOT VigRX Plus. Kamagra influences the muscles lining the veins in the penis accumulate blood. purchasing cialis online She rocks.), and the danger of trying for the quick buck. One recent column was called Your Big Fat Foolish Wedding. All her columns are here.

She’s great and now I love her even more. From a profile in The Washingtonian,”Growing up, Singletary battled rheumatoid arthritis. Some years she was schooled at home.”

All the coolest people were homeschooled.

Of course, I went to public school & state university, so what does that say about me?

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