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If I had an extra $766

I’d totally go on an organizational spending spree at Target and get my kids’ rooms in order*. Alas, I don’t, so I’ll go to plan b. While a chunk of change would make my organization plans easier and more fun, it’s really superfluous.

For my girls’ room, the main thing is removing all the excess furniture: the vanity, the two bookcases, two dressers and a small table. Yeah, I know. Their room is where old furniture lives out its last days. C.S. Lewis once wrote fairy tales were like the furniture that is moved from the sitting room to the nursery. I understand that in a new way, now. That leaves them with one dresser, the beds and the art easel. To this, I want to add a bunch of shelves on the wall, a window seat/toy chest, and a better closet set-up. Oh yeah, and unstack the bunk beds. The sildenafil citrate contained Kamagra enable men to get a rock hard erection during the intercourse. cialis online mastercard Impotency is such a health problem which should be treated immediately by a trained medical levitra generika professional. This anti-impotence pill embraces active elements known as tab viagra dapoxetine of 60mg & sildenafil citrate of 100mg that works mutually to deal with impotence and premature ejaculation. Since, blood supply is the main requirement of male organ to become http://deeprootsmag.org/2013/08/28/artist-of-the-violin-chatting-up-brooke-alford/ buying levitra from canada erect, hence its lacking stops organ showing the function. Bunk beds hinder bed making and encourage strange and frightening collections. This I know. It’s necessary for my boys room, but not for the girls. The shelves and a French memo board will go above the beds.

For my little men, I’ll move one of those bookshelves into their room, add some baskets and bins, ditch the under-the-bed toy storage, and add a window seat/toy chest. They’ll also need new bedding before Satchmo moves out of his crib sometime this winter.

About that window seat, this seems pretty easy and should be doable with yard sale shelves. They can keep what fits on the bookshelves or in the bins, the rest goes to charity.

*If $766 seems high, it’ because I was also thinking of some extras in my wishful thinking shopping spree. Things like Batman bedding for the boys and a fancy closet system, rather than the $40 wire job. Oh, and groovy microfiber window seats. A girl can dream. Then she wakes up and starts painting furniture. What would you do with a extra load of organizational bucks?

2 responses to “If I had an extra $766”

  1. Renae Avatar

    A girl can dream. Then she wakes up and starts painting furniture.

    No kidding! That’s a great commentary on my life. I search for cheap junk that can be transformed with a can of paint. Too bad I don’t get the time to actually paint it. 😛

    And if I had organizational money, I would buy enough bookshelves plus one. 🙂 Oh, and put shelves and things in my closet. While I’m dreaming, it would be wonderful to convert the garage so there would be room for all the bookshelves. 🙂

  2. April Avatar

    Ah,bookshelves. We have plans for our garage once we get the excess furniture out of it. Big plans.

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