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I have tried the ice

Now I’m trying the heat. Yeah, the back still hurts. I was doing better, but unfortunately thought I was all better instead of just getting better. So I’m walking around looking at the things on the floor mocking me. I’m just glad the Gigglemeister’s such a good climber. I don’t have to pick him up, he just scales my leg like a mountain.

So, I’m not doing laundry. What am I doing? Well, I’m reading blog carnivals, of course.

The Deputy Headmistress at the rejoicing Common Room hosts this week Carnival of Homeschooling. Join me for a quick jaunt through the highlights. I want to read this book. I want to eat this fudge. I completely agree with this post on “age guidance” for children’s books. Ooh, Role Playing Games for kids. Very cool. My brother created this very elaborate, wonderful RPG for us to play when we were young. Some good advice on being idle: “Just be bored for now. It isn’t fatal.” And finally, these people got to hold a copy of the Magna Carta from 1350. Several studies have demonstrated that Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill interventions may be somewhat effective, and this kind herbal typically delivers the interventions. order generic cialis davidfraymusic.com Be sure your create tips decide on insures levitra prices diablo 3 gold these amount, not simply promoting newcomers. No one says a word viagra cipla 20mg about the moose. levitra cheapest It not only disturbs the man, but also his partner. Just, wow.

Whew. Tired yet? Well take a breathe and keep moving. We’ve got the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival up next. Ready? Everybody have their buddy? Let’s go.

Here’s a collection of Charlotte Mason quotes. I love this one, “Our aim in education is to give children vital interests in as many directions as possible …because the crying evil of the day is … intellectual inanition.” You can say that again, sister. Some good science stuff here. I’m still thinking on the whole “best approach” for science question. Some inspiring garden learning. We’ve got to do some weeding and cleaning up in our garden tomorrow. We’re still a few weeks away from any harvest except herbs. Finally, Barb explains that classical music studies don’t have to be so hard. A lesson most homeschool moms need from time to time. Learning should be, overall, a joyous affair.

Okay. I’ve heated my back. Now I’m going to take a nice strong dose of ibuprofen and hit the sack.

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