Giving it the old college try

Dana has the 97th Carnival of Homeschool: Welcome to Homeschool U!

She’s done a great job (as always) and there’s some good stuff to be found. Some things that piqued my interest:

The DHM on Charlotte Mason. I’m more and more drawn to this method in conjunction with the classical emphasis on history, and this quote from DHM emphasizes why:

“Charlotte Mason didn’t want to focus on the faculties, but on the whole child. She wanted children to receive vital knowledge, facts beautifully clothed in their informing ideas, the best result of a good education, she felt, was a person who cared about knowledge in as many fields as possible- broad and generous, to use her phrase.”

At lunablog, you’ll find very helpful tips on the exploring and discovering the wonders of nature in 19 can-do nature walk variations. As soon as the casts are off Little Miss, we’re going back to our weekly nature preserve visits and I can’t wait to use some of these tips.

Nerdmom offers some tips on frugal music studies. cialis lowest price thought about this It doesn’t cause the development of erection therefore the person should be sexually aroused. If they persist, immediately call the medical advisor for timely treatment. viagra for uk Online Pharmacies offer a safe and secure shopping experience where it’s never been easier to cheap cialis pills and other health and bodybuilding reasons. This can cause scarring get free viagra or bleeding in the organs of the reproductive system of men. I’ve gotta check out the Classics for Kids broadcast.

Barb at the Heart of Harmony (whose fine arts curriculum we’re using) has tips for visiting an art museum.

And finally,one of the many thoughtful quotes posted at Let’s Play Math. Who knew mathmeticians could be so profound?

Nothing produced such odd results as trying to get even.

Franklin P. Jones

One response to “Giving it the old college try”

  1. april Avatar

    I’m glad you liked my nature walk ideas! (Sorry I’m late on this, I just now found your post!) One of my twins just got her cast off her arm last week. Fortunately, it wasn’t a break that prevented her from being able to get out and do nature walks. Take care!

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