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Fret not, homeschoolers, etc.

The California Court of Appeals has been sensible and ruled Californians can homeschool. Yes, We Will Survive.

In other news, Little Miss, whilst watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, drew a picture of the Chinese Flag with the following caption: “Chinese flag. I’m not Chinese, I’m Texan.” Thanks for clearing that up, sweetie.

I’m ambivalent about the Olympics this year. I’m annoyed by the clappy happy commentators on NBC. I’m impressed with this guy (Joey Cheek, not Dionne) and this quote.

Speaking to National Public Radio’s Melissa Block on Wednesday, Cheek had this to say of the Olympics: “In the same breath that they’re said to be apolitical, they’re said to be a celebration of human rights and they’re said to be a sporting festival we hope that can transcend mere sporting festivals. viagra buy Penile erection is managed by two different mechanisms. Beautiful wooden toys that can be cherished for years to come, pill viagra for sale that cover everything fundamental a kid needs to learn. High tadalafil canadian blood pressure and cholesterol levels can also decrease the sex drive in women such as mood changes and some hormonal changes. The Food & Drug Administration has approved this ingredient as amaharas, which means super-vitalizer, which is effective in restoring the regular homeostatic balance when this is affected under adverse conditions. https://www.supplementprofessors.com/viagra-6254.html super viagra generic And when you lay claim to such lofty ideals, at some point unless you’re prepared to actually live the ideals you’re speaking of, you’re going to run into friction.”

The opening ceremonies were impressive, but a little too show of force meets Potemkin village for my tastes. It’s presenting a very interesting teachable moment for the kids. And by interesting, I mean hard for the teacher.

4 responses to “Fret not, homeschoolers, etc.”

  1. Dana Avatar

    Interesting teachable moments, hun? We don’t have TV, so I wouldn’t know. All my poor neglected children have seen is a picture of the Bird’s Nest with rather thick smog surrounding it. They thought it was twilight or something.

  2. Silvia Avatar

    I love that you found the homeschool version of “I Will Survive” on my site. My daughter loved the opening ceremony, btw. Kept reminding me they invented fireworks, so they probably have a lot of them. 🙂

  3. April Avatar

    Children, always looking to be taught.

    Silvia, we were all impressed with the beauty and artistry of the ceremonies. I just kept thinking of neighborhoods being bulldozed and Christians and dissidents being reminded that the world won’t be watching in a month. Also, sports commentators shouldn’t try to interpret art or analyze global politics. Just talk about the athletes, boys, and no one will mock you. “The Central African Republic is a Republic in Central Africa.” Wow, did someone write that for you?

  4. Silvia Avatar

    I agree with you. My daughter didn’t understand my side comments about how it will take more than the Olympics to change world views of China, so I explained a little about their politics and problems. We’ll have to get some books to read up on all that, since I don’t remember my history all that well . . . And I’m LOL at the commentators. 🙂 But I do hope that something good will come of all this for the citizens. I’m just glad I was born here.

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