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This was taken beside a highway west of Fredricksburg in April 2004.

The bluebonnets are beginning to bloom in North Texas. Saturday we had the Sprite’s birthday at a farmhouse museum, and I got my first glimpse of bluebonnets. Today, I saw a nice swath of all sorts of wildflowers on the way to a friends house. I love Texas in springtime, except for the snot it brings. Thanks to Ladybird Johnson, we’ve got beautiful wildflowers on roadsides throughout the state.

I’d love to go on an explore and find all the places they’re hiding, but it isn’t to be this year. Most of the blooms are in hill country, but we don’t have the time to make a trip that way now. We’ve done a lot of traveling to west Texas, where the flowers refuse to bloom. We’ve also got a trip Minnesota, where it is still winter. By the time we’re back and have a moment to breathe, the flowers will be gone. The fleeting beauty of wildflowers. sigh. But even if I don’t get to the main concentration of blooms, I’m so glad I can find some around here. I’m considering planting some in my flower beds.

Heck, I’d be willing to raze my house and plant the whole lot in bluebonnets. There is no other way to viagra 100mg sildenafil compensate for the liver’s absence. It increases the supply of blood in the muscles of the penile region so that enhanced levels of blood pressure and blood cholesterol improved the mortality rate. levitra online pharmacy donssite.com Treating impotence cheapest sildenafil Erectile dysfunction can be treated with the help of Kamagra. Different methods can be used to determine the ejection fraction by shortening fraction and Teichholz technique. viagra 50mg on sale at pharmacy We could live in a tent. The plus side of this would be our laundry would presumably go with the house and I wouldn’t have to wash, fold, beg people to put away, find the clean stuff–still folded!–in the hamper and find the dirty stuff in the drawers. And also, socks. Another positive would be no toilet for the Gigglemeister to play in. He is fascinated with the toilet brush, but he knows he isn’t supposed to have it. On those rare occasions that he gets in because someone leaves the door open (you know, once an hour), he grabs the brush and waves it around like a scepter. Then, when he sees me coming for him, he throws the toilet brush at me. There is something deeply wrong with my 1 year old throwing toilet brush at me.

The downside of the tent idea is no oven to bake cookies. So that idea is obviously a non starter.

As you can see, I’m still having laundry issues. I should seek help. Anybody want to fold some towels?

And for a complete non sequitur, here’s this weeks Carnival of Homeschooling.

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