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Fine Arts Friday: Uncomfortable conversations edition

Today is the 179th anniversary of the Fall of the Alamo, which we remember as we are commanded.

Remember the Alamo

This month, Ambleside has “The Yellow Rose of Texas” as the folksong. Just so you know, the back story on this song is … interesting and possibly inaccurate. And of course, you get to have fun conversations with your kids on who the Yellow Rose was, and why we don’t refer to people by colors or plants, and what exactly do they mean by “distracted Santa Ana” anyway? And then there’s the whole issue of slavery and the fact that so many people we regard as heroes enslaved other people. Still, history is messy like that, and that’s part of why I love it. People are hot messes no matter the era, including the modern era. Plus we need to have those conversations about race and how we talk and think about people, and this is a great conversation starter.

This version removes racial language, but it’s played as a march. Which is just wrong. So have those conversations with your kid and sing this one.

The hymn for this month is “Jesus Paid It All.”

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Jesus Paid It All
Of course, the Pastor is wrong here. The second line is, “All to him I owe.” It’s actually the perfect song. Via my friend Dana.


This is a lovely acoustic version.

There’s also an updated version, “O Praise the One.” My one fault with the update is that it cuts half the verses and replaces them with guitar solos. The great thing about the hymns is that when you sing them, you’re also preaching Biblical truths to yourself, so the update gives you half a sermon. But nobody says you can’t enjoy both. Except that one guy, and nobody listens to him anyway.

Happy singing and having conversations with your kids about race and sex and slavery!

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