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Fine Arts Friday: Reworking the schedule


We’re coming to the end of our Fine Arts Friday. Not the study of fine arts, mind you, or even posts on this blog. However, this is the end to our having a single day to focus on fine arts. Fridays will now be devoted to enrichment classes for the younger three. Little Miss has a pretty rigorous high school schedule, and she’ll probably be using the time to complete her work. There is no other single day that we can set aside, so we have to rethink the schedule.

While not having a dedicated day will make studying fine arts more challenging, I’m committed to keeping up with these subjects. I think we’ve developed both the discipline and taste that will carry us through despite the disjointed schedule. We just have to figure out the details. I’ve got a pretty good start on a plan, although it still needs some tweaks.

One of our enrichment classes is art, so art application is taken care of for 3 of the kids. Little Miss likes to draw and paint, so she’ll probably pursue art on her own. We’ll be in the car a lot–even more than usual, and we can use some of that time for composer study and folk songs. We’ve already developed the habit of incorporating our monthly hymn into our family devotions. Artist study and Shakespeare will need their own slots–preferably slots where we won’t be running hither and fro in the morning. We’ll probably set aside Monday for artist study and Wednesday for Shakespeare, or vice versa. (Incidentally, I’m using this to book teach Shakespeare.  I’ll be writing more about that soon.)

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The real challenge will be fitting nature studies in the busy schedule. Ironically, I think the very busy schedule means it will be best to find something scheduled for nature studies. Standing appointments are easier to keep than good intentions.

in some ways this will probably make it less likely to skip over fine arts. If we miss a day, we’re just missing one subject that week. If we’re constantly missing the same day, then that’s a signal to change our approach or our schedule. But whatever we do and despite the challenges, fine arts are definitely worth the effort.

Homeschoolers, do you study fine arts? How do you incorporate them in your routine?

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