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Fine Arts Friday: Random

Mid-July isn’t the best time for thinking. Frankly it’s too dang hot to engage any muscle, including the brain. But you can listen to music and look at pretty paintings without much effort, so today’s fine arts post is a bit of random beauty.

We haven’t faithfully followed the Ambleside schedule for folk songs, so there are a couple we’ve missed. I thought I’d pick up on a couple while we tried to move as little as possible.

One of the songs we missed from the Ambleside schedule is “Early One Morning.” I have to admit I picked this one because of its connection to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Then I found this version with the Bonanza backdrop, which is just perfect.

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And a random pretty picture by American artist Albert Bierstadt, painter of the American West and part of the Hudson River school.


Now I’m going to go sit by the pool, read my book, and randomly yell, “Walk!”

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