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Fine Arts Friday: music and such

This term, Ambleside has a really fun collection of music for children this term. You should check out their site for all the selections. But it made me think of a very fun CD and book my sister got for Little Miss for Christmas, The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket. We listened to it on the way home from our Christmas get together and it was a blast. It’s like Peter and the Wolf with more snark.

The artist for the term is Diego Velazquez. Ambleside has good links for more information and to high-quality images, and I may one day have a slideshow here if my blog will cooperate. Fixed! I’m a regular whiz kid, minus the whiz part. And the kid part. There’s currently a baby slideshow in the sidebar, but that will only be there for this term. Gotta keep up with the times! Except I don’t.  Even though January is halfway over, we’re just now looking at hymns and folk songs. I’m beginning to accept the fact that I’ll never catch up.


The January hymn is “Come Down, O Love Divine.” This version by Fernando Ortega is lovely.
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The folk song is “I’m Seventeen Come Sunday” which is apparently really big with high school music departments, but here’s an interesting version. (There are about ten seconds of silence at the beginning.)


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