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Fine Arts Friday: “All things seem possible in May.”

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The Race at Longchamp
“The Races at Longchamp” Edourd Manet, 1866. Currently at the Art Institute of Chicago.

May is upon us, and for Texans, that really means summer — bearable and mild summer — but summer nonetheless. Yes, I realize the calendar says “spring,” but 90 degree days says “grab a glass of ice tea, it’s summer.” I wish our local pool would acquiesce to that reality and open before Memorial Day. Ah well.

New month, new songs!

As is appropriate for the month if not the temperature, we’re listening to Mark O’Connor’s “Spring” from The American Seasons.  I’m really enjoying his music, so we’ll probably extend our study of him for another few weeks and listen to Stravinsky over the summer.

The hymn on the Ambleside rotation is “Beneath the Cross of Jesus,” but we did that hymn last year. So either there is a mix-up in the rotation, or I’m just crazy. (Leave your vote in the comments!) I don’t remember if it was on the rotation of if we used it in our Lenten devotions. Either way, we’ve already done it and we’re not doing it again.
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Back in February, we skipped the hymn to replace it with “Revive Us Again.” So this seemed like a good place to go back and pick up “Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah.”

This hymn was written by William Williams Pantycelyn in Welsh and published in 1762. Peter Williams (no relation) translated it into English in 1771. I came across this fascinating version translated into the Navajo language. I just thought that was really cool.

We just finished listening to the Little House audiobooks. Music is an integral part of the stories, so I thought we’d sing one of Pa’s songs. There’s also a three album collection of the music of Little House that’s in my wish list. Because you can never have enough music!

Happy Maying!

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