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Empty Shelf: Questions and conundrums

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I’ve only finished one book for my Empty Shelf Challenge thus far, which seems kind of lame, especially considering that I read all the time. Really, I do!  But most of my reading is either non-book or books that probably don’t qualify for the shelf. Sometimes I’m researching for my Washington Times column, or reading the news or researching something to do with homeschooling, and, not being books, that doesn’t count. Obviously.

But what about kids’ books? I’ve read biographies on Presidents Van Buren, Harrison (William Henry, not Ben), Tyler and Polk the past couple of weeks, as well as history books and historical fiction on the Texas Revolution, the Texas Republic, and the Mexican War. (Can you guess what time period we’re studying?)

empty shelf kids

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I got a ruling from Jon Acuff that audio books are valid, and I’m working through The History of the Ancient World while I knit. (Don’t ask me about knitting. It will cause me to curse.) But what about the umpteen Hank the Cowdog audio books I’ve listened to in the van going to and fro with the kids? What about Peter and the Starcatchers? (An aside: This is a great story. MTG has only been catching snippets and he’s already said he wants the discs when we’re done so he can hear what he missed. It’s narrated by the great Jim Dale who also does the Harry Potter books.)

If I included the books we read for school and the audio books we listen to in all our travels, I’d fill my empty shelf in a month. And if that’s not enough, I’m re-reading some of the Harry Potter books during the attack of Polar Vortex. I like to comfort read when it’s cold. And do re-reads count? I should get a ruling on that, too.

Okay, I don’t think the kids’ school books should count, any more than reading a training manual for work would count. Although my reading is a lot more fun than training manuals. But I’m not sure about Hank, Peter and Harry. What do you think?

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