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Emphasis on happy

I was reading Dave Barry’s hilarious if depressing Year in Review when I started wondering if anything good happened last year. Because I don’t know about you, but 2013 kinda stunk up the joint as every year in review article has emphasized. So I went on a hunt for some good news so that “Happy New Year” might actually have some happy in it. I think you’ll be pleased with what I found.

My favorite is the man-is-it-dusty-in-here, God-bless-our-military story of the honor and respect given to Navy veteran Bud Cloud. Make sure you read the full thing at the blog I Drive Warships.


Yeah, last year was messed up. This next year may be messed up, too. But there are people working to make things better. You can check out the Burrito Boyz and the Tiny Superheroes lady if you are looking for some pretty awesome people to support.
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What good news or inspirational stories do you remember from the past year?

Be sure to read the full thing at Between Errands at the Washington Times Communities Pages. We need all the happy we can get.

Happy New Year, everyone. I mean it.

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