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Do you think they’ll take a coupon for that?

Today in my Washington Times Community Pages column I talk about higher education inflation: the whys, wherefores, and what nexts:

Midway through July, stores are already filled with back to school supplies and some fantastic deals. For college students, there will be bargain shopping for new laptops and extra-long sheets, but unfortunately, a good deal on an education is almost impossible to find.

Check it out!

We’re five short years from our eldest graduating from high school and most likely heading off to college. Or not. Who knows what higher education will look like then. Maybe she’ll hack her education. Maybe they’ll be a new hack for college. Maybe she’ll have the 21st century version of an apprenticeship. Who knows?  What is certain is that the model that developed in the 20th century isn’t sustainable.

college inflation

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So what do you think? Will our kids do the same thing we did: 4 (or 5 or 6) years of college in a traditional brick and mortar, overpriced university and graduate with thousands of dollars in debt, or is something new on the horizon?


(Did you notice I’m doing something new with my Between Errands links? I’m trying to keep my blog bloggy and still link to my formal column. What do you think?)

2 responses to “Do you think they’ll take a coupon for that?”

  1. Dana Avatar

    The more I think about it and the closer it gets, the more I’m leaning toward a two year degree at the community college and online education for the rest. There are so few jobs that actually need a degree. Sure, they require one, but I don’t see a major advantage to sitting in a classroom during the day and attendig frat parties at night.

    1. April Avatar

      Exactly, Dana. It’s been interesting watching other homeschool families a few years ahead of us take pretty much that route. Many of them go into college ahead of the game because they’ve taken so many duel credits at 16 and 17. I’m really interested to see what happens with MOOCs. I don’t think they’ve quiet found their footing yet, but think they’ll really take off if someone can develop a model to certify the education.

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