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    Um, about that love

    Because I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea or loose my reputation as a cynic (which I call a realist), I need to clarify my love of Sarah Palin. I’m excited she’s in the race. I think she’s a great politician. Of all the candidates,her ideas on government seem to be closest to […]

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    How do I love her, let me count the ways (UPDATED)

    I love that she’s pro-life and shows it in word and deed.I love that she’s a reformer who took on the establishment and won.But more than anything, I love this. She vetoed a law she agreed with because it was unconstitutional. And that is the first and most important job of the government: to uphold […]

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    Just when I was set to write in my mom

    So . . . Governor Sarah Palin. Don’t laugh or anything, but I like her. I like the idea of her. I like her politics, her speech, and her standing up to the powers that be. I’m one of those conservatives who was going to write in a candidate rather than vote for McCain. (Reagan […]

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