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Brain dump, with links!

In the comments of this post, Renae and I had a little conversation about book reading. I noted,

“I’m a pretty “creative” reader. I have a purse book, a bathroom book, and a car book. I heard someone talk about “feasting on a banquet of crumbs” with regards to moms of young kids getting devotional time. Grabbing snips here and there when you can. I have the same philosophy toward reading: I grab what I can when I can.”

To which she replied, “I do need to put another one in the bathroom though. Call it feasting at the throne!”

Have you ever read something that has you laughing so hard you can barely breathe? And then my kids keep asking what’s so funny and I was at a little bit of a loss on how to explain that particular joke.

Today’s actually been a really good day for blog humor. Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer has this very relateable post about never taking anything for granted. Like making sure your child is wearing shoes when you go away for a week. Read the comments. Kids– if you couldn’t laugh, you’d go crazy.

The Deputy Head Mistress has the Make it From Scratch Carnival! at the Common Room, in which this interesting post on dryer lint was featured. Dryer Lint.

I’ve been meaning to post this link from the Scriptorium Daily about Harry Potter and “vulgar” books. It’s really good. A friend and I have had some discussions about “good” books versus popular books. This is a good defense of the necessity of popular literature.

While looking for the link, I found this good essay about A Philosophy of Government Leading to A Vote for Romney. The first part is a Christian perspective of government. I’m with him until his endorsement and analysis of the candidate.

Both Renae and Dana linked to The Heart of the Matter, a new homeschool (FREE) magazine. It looks great and I will be exploring it soon. This is because Kamagra should only be purchased by individuals who are more established than generic viagra 100mg 18. A teenager steps into adulthood and his driving desires start viagra without prescription to surface, but for this a patient has to undertake some measures related to careful approach to swallow it. All this effort assures the user that testosterone needed to fight aging and to increase male libido is present. viagra online online Different natural residence remedies free sample of cialis might be utilized up to once a day as required. I will also be looking at The Carnival of Recipes: Russian Christmas and 12th Night edition for next year’s festivities. Also, the Charlotte Mason Carnival. (I want to be me Charlotte Masony. Maybe when I grow up.) But I didn’t look at them today, because I was too busy with . . .

The Carnival of Homeschooling – — The Rhythm Method! A word of warning: the site uses SnapShot which I hate with a passion of a thousand suns. BUT the clever title and groovy rhythm quotes made up for it.

So much good stuff here. Lots of stuff on scheduling, if you need it, and a nice eclectic mix of all things homeschool. I narrowed my favorites to seven. I’m very proud of myself.

In the order of appearance:
Creating a Child-Lead Unit Study at I ate the sandbox!
The Pendulum to Choose or To Force at Life Without School. This gave me a lot to think about.
Home Education Resources has How I learn. This describes me and my mom to a T.
Love Learn Serve had this heartbreaking, been there done that post.
The Mother Lode has this excellent post on ADHD through the years. Words of wisdom for all parents in response to not meeting other expectations of normal: “I respectfully say “Piffle.” There are some things in life more important than image.”
NerdFamily has a hilarious take on Martha vs. The Homeschool Mom. Although, realistically, I think this is Martha vs. any woman who isn’t a control freak with her own business empire.
And lorem ipsum has Jaded, a post about Hannah Montana dolls and the wonderful world of marketing plastic perfection to little girls.

Whew. That was fun. I think my brain’s empty now.

7 responses to “Brain dump, with links!”

  1. Renae Avatar

    Oh no! My worst joke is public! I’m really glad you thought it was funny. 🙂 I was a bit worried after I sent it.

    Thanks for all the links. I’ll be sure to read the carnival posts. Narrowing down to 7 is quite a feat! Good job!

  2. Science For Children Avatar
    Science For Children

    Thanks so much for sharing the laugh. Being home all day leaves me needing some water cooler humor!

  3. Julie Avatar

    I’m in your top 7!!! Thank you. I’m glad my Mam isnt the only one!
    I enjoyed your post. Lots of great links.

  4. April Avatar

    Renae, I have giggled every time I picked up a book on the throne today.

    Blogs–the water cooler for the sahm

    Julie, I had to check a couple of times to make sure I didn’t write that post. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Stephanie Avatar

    Thanks for the link! Who knew dryer lint was so useful! 😉

  6. laura Avatar

    I am sooo way late with this, but I am grateful for your kudos to my post. I am a newbie at finding out who links to me out there in the great wide world. Thanks!

  7. Homestead Mama Avatar
    Homestead Mama

    Thank you for the blog love! It is nice to know I am not the only one that has been-there-done-that!

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