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Beauty from ashes

The world is sometimes a hard and cruel place.  But as bad as things get and as awful as people can be to one another, sometimes they are almost too wonderful to behold.

The people of the Philippines have been hit by the worst storm in recorded history. They are suffering greatly and will need our help to get back on their feet. Team Rubicon — an amazing organization if you’re looking for someplace to give — came upon this sight during their work.

Filipino violin

Batkid saved Gotham! A whole city rallies around a sick little boy and helps him fulfill his dream. I love how many people joined in this pretty much on word of mouth alone. I love that his little brother got to be Robin. I love that he rescued a woman tied to train tracks. I love this dorky vine Jake Tapper made.  I love all the things.


And finally, in the non-human, not really an emergency situation category: A man poses for a gag picture, but his puppy thinks he’s really in danger and tries to save him. (Click for the whole series. Poor, traumatized puppy. How happy must he have been when his human climbed back up?)
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Bonus video of a sweet doggie who tries to save his master who intentionally jumped in the water. Humans. What are you going to do with them?

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