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Aw, man!

The wind was a bit brisk today. Keep that in mind because it was the wind’s fault, not mine. Getting out of my car at Sprout’s today, the wind (not me) caught my van’s door and banged it into the car next to me. A Lexus RX. A very shiny, very new looking Lexus. And it left a mark and a (small) indentation. Dang it!

And yes, I did leave a note. So, I guess I know how we’re using our “rebate” to stimulate the economy. Right now, I dread hearing the phone ring. Just call already, Lexus driver! Sorry about your pretty car. It was the wind!

Okay, now for another road trip story. Then we’re here. Usually. Mostly. Ahem.

I lost my cat in Alabama

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No, that isn’t a metaphor for anything. Herb made a break for it sometime in the chaos of settling in at the hotel in Birmingham. We didn’t even notice until the morning. We searched the rooms for about an hour and the hotel and perimeter twice. No Herb. We had difficulty getting the staff to realize that the cat actually was not in the room. They kept asking if we’d checked behind the TV. The cat is 15 pounds, there is no way we’d miss him behind the TV or anywhere else in the room. Anyway, no news yet. We’re offering a reward and hoping he survives. If he’s found, we’ll try to arrange for pet shippers to send him to us. Please pray for our poor kitty and for me and for our other poor kitty. I sobbed all the way through Alabama. Keaggy keeps staring at the door waiting for his brother. My poor dumb cat.

Update: The cat is found. I repeat, the cat is found. Now we just have to get him home. Keep praying! Praise God!

2 responses to “Aw, man!”

  1. Renae Avatar

    Maybe the Lexus owner will forget the whole incident. Yeah, right….Sorry. 🙁

  2. April Avatar

    No such luck. He called last night while I was at the grocery store. MTG said he was very nice & thankful I left the note. He said he’d see how much it cost to be buffed out, so at least he’s not thinking new paint job. Sigh. Lesson learned: watch the door!

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