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Today is the Twelfth Day of Christmas, so I had my last cup of coffee in a Christmas mug til next year. The alarms are being switched to something un-Christmasy (“Bad to the Bone”?), the decorations came down this weekend, except for all the stuff we forgot. Like the huge wooden nativity. How did we forget that? It’s ginormous. And the Lego Advent calendar, but I suspect that was intentional.

(I know a lot of people have had their stuff packed away for more than a week, but if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t put anything other than the Advent Wreath up before the week Christmas and keep it all up through Epiphany. But, alas, if I did that I would have time to take them down til Groundhog’s Day, so I bow to scheduling necessities.)

12th night
I will not say “Adieu”, huge mug full of coffee goodness, but only “Au revoir.” Assuming you don’t break and I can find you again in the chaos. Maybe I won’t stick you in the attic after all.

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But it’s not just an end, it’s also a beginning of the new year and the new semester (or trimester or in some cases, the tail end of the old semester, which is always a drag.)  Alas, the start of spring semester is nowhere near as shiny and exciting as fall semester. No new clothes, pencils, or planners. Plus, aside from a quick dumping of old papers and returning books to their rightful places, we’ve come back to old school clutter.  If I were truly a free-spirited homeschooler, I’d scrap the convention of starting school in the fall and begin our year with the calendar year. But alas, ten years in and too many ties to other institutions and their schedules make that difficult. Plus, I don’t like to think when it’s 100º plus. So, the traditional school year it is.

I’m actually looking forward to a little order and less sugar filled days after the unregulated, unhealthy Christmas season. Good-bye huge Christmas mug. Hello, regular schedule.

Maybe I will get some new pencils, after all.

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